How Does Purchasing or Selling a Business Work?

It’s A Big Deal

The decision to consider buying or selling a business is a big one and can be motivated by as many factors as there are buyers and sellers. For the purchaser, it can be the chance to start working for herself or it can be a way to grow and expand. For the seller, it can be the path to retirement or freeing up cash and time to pursue other opportunities.

The Process

Business sale and purchase transactions – no matter the scale or dollar value – tend to be “all-in” and involved. For instance, the deal size may be relatively small, but the purchaser may be relocating his family across the country for the opportunity. On the other hand, the seller may have built a business worth tens of millions of dollars and understandably wants to get the sell right to be sure she protects the proceeds.

From deciding to explore a transaction, to finding a suitable buyer or opportunity, to entering discussions, conducting diligence, settling on a structure, and signing a letter of intent (LOI), to negotiating and signing definitive deal documents, to closing and beyond, the process is often complicated, even for the initiated.

Reasons to Explore Buying or Selling a Business

There are lots of business reasons buyers and sellers consider M&A transactions. The

following ones are some of the more typical:

  • Buying an Established Business: Rather than start a new business from the ground up, many purchasers prefer to buy a business that has already proven successful without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Cashing Out +Retirement: Either to return money to the owners or investors, or to retire, cashing out is a common reason to sell.
  • Expansion: Whether it’s to reach a new geographic market, increase presence in an existing market, or to provide complimentary or different offerings to customers(diversification), expansion often motivates business purchases.

Here to Help

No matter the reason behind your decision to consider an M&A transaction, Weavil Law is here to help. Don’t hesistte to reach out to Weavil Law by calling 650.308.8187 or by email to

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